– CaCO3 100 g
– CuSO4 20,000 mg
– FeSO4 22 mg
– ZnSO4 10,500 mg
– MgSO4 21,000 mg
– KCl 500 mg
– Sachcharomyces cerevisiae (min) 1×109 CFU/kg
– Excipients q.s 1 kg
– Provide essential nutrients for the growth of planktons, which is the natural food source for fingerlings
– Be the natural food source for fingerlings.
– Preparing ponds: 1kg / 1,000 – 2,000 m3 of water
– Stabilize the water color during culturing, improve the growth of algae and planktons: 1 kg / 1,000 m3 of water, once per week.
– Mix with high amount of water and equally plash over the pond’s surface, use in the hot sunny day
– Avoid rain after use.
– Mix with water then splash all over the pond, use when it’s sunny, do not use before raining.
– In a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.

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