AV-Yucca Water

– Yucca Schidigera:…………..50%
– Quillaja actives:……………..50%

– Special treatment of the polluted bottom of the pond, improve the water quality, increase dissolved oxygen levels, preventing floating head in fish in the early morning.
– Absorption of toxic gas NH3, H2S, NO2 ….
– Fast decomposition of wastes, scum, food residues in the pond, stabilize the pH and water color.
– Particularly used to give first aid for fish when there is the appearance of floating head or separation from shoal in fish.
– Providing beneficial yeast and microorganisms in order to inhibit the bad bacterias causing diseases in fish.
– Because of extracting from natural ingredients, the product doed not cause harm to the environment and the ecosystem is maintained stably.

– In case of floating head or highly polluted pond: 500ml/6.000 – 8.000 m3 of water.
– For fish: 500 ml/7.000-8.000m3 of water. When there is a phenomenon of the shoal of fish pulls to the shore: 500 ml/4.000 -6.000 m3 of water.

– Dissolve in water then splash all over the pond.
– Note: Do not use with antibiotics. When the quality of fish meat is low: 1l/ 2-2,5 ton of food, use with HEPASOR to improve the quality of fish meat. ->

– Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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