– Benzalkonium chloride 10 g
– Glutaraldehyde 15 g
– Solvent q.s 100 ml
– A broad spectrum disinfectant solution used to kill viruses, germs, bacteria spores, Mycoplasma, mold diseases causing the following diseases:
– Chicken, ducks: Newcastle disease, cholera, Gumboro, chicken pox, Marek’s, egg drop syndrome, head edema syndrome, viral hepatitis, CRD, C.CRD, arthritis, pullorum disease, typhoid, coccidiosis, lung fungus and other diseases.
– Bovine: FMD, cholera, diarrhea caused by virus, pneumonia, mastitis, urethritis, typhoid, Lepto, Anthrax, infectious abortion, coccidiosis, fungus and other diseases.
– Do not use for animals which are hypersensitive to the product’s ingredients.
– Periodic or final disinfection: 1 per 400 (2.5ml per liter water)
– Disinfect the stables in disease period (animals are in stable): 1 per 300 (3.3ml per liter water)
– Detoxify disinfection pits, animal carcass: 1 per 100 (10ml per liter of water)
– Disinfect animal carriage, cattle slaughter house, milking house, incubator : 1 per 500 (2ml per liter of water)
– Disinfection before incubation (dipping): 1 per 1000 (1ml per liter of water)
– Water disinfection: 1 per 2,000 (0.5 ml per liter of water)
– None.

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