– Nystatin
– Solvent q.s

– Prevention and treatment of Avium Aspergillosis on poultry, quails, ostriches, calves, goat, sheep, bovine.
– Prevention and treatment of Candida in pigeon and birds
– Prevent the development of fungi in feed.
– Increase feed efficiency and growth fast.

– Do not use for animals which are hypersensitive to product’s ingredients.

Dilute into drinking water or mix with feed.
– Prevention of fungal infection in feed: 1.54 ml per 2 kg of feed or 1.54 ml per 4 liters of drinking water
– Prevention of Mycosis and Diarrhea caused by fungal poisoning:
– Common dose: 1.54 ml per 1 kg of feed or 1.54 ml per 2 liters of drinking water.
– Treatment of Mycosis:
– Poultry: 1.54 ml per 5 kg body weight or 3.85 ml per kg of feed or 3.85 ml per 2 liters of driking water, 7 – 10 days consecutively.
– Pigeon: 1 ml per 1 liter.
– Bovine: 1.54 ml per 20 kg body weight, 7-10 days consecutively.
– Shake well before use.

– 5 days before slaughter

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