AV-Genta 10% inj

– Gentamicin (dạng Sulfate) 10 g
– Solvent q.s 100 ml
– For the bovine, swine, dogs and cats, in the local or systemic infections caused by gentamicin sensitive microorganisms of the respiratory, gastro-intestinal, uro-genital tract, septicemias, omphalites, meningitis, artritis, pyoartritis, mastitis, skin infections, eye and ear infections.
– Hyper-sensitivity to gentamicin or other aminoglicozide.
– It is not administered on the animals with a serious renal insufficiency, serious vestibular disorders or on the pregnant females
– The dose is 4 mg Gentamicin per kg body weight:
– Cattle, swine : 4 ml product per 100kg bw , IM or IV
– Dog, cat : 1ml product per 25 kg bw, IM, IV, SC ( in special cases)
– Cattle, swine: 28 days

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