– Thiamphenicol
– Oxytetracycline HCl
– Prednisolone
– Paracetamol
– Solvent q.s

– For treatmennt of infections caused by micro-organisms sensitive, especially indicated for the treatment of systemic diseases, respiratory, infections, Bedsonias and local disturbances, primary bovine ketosis, hepatitis, myoglobinuria, toxiaemia, and local treatment of arthritis, bursitis, distortions, peri-arthritis, tendinitis and tendovaginitis.

– Do not use for animals which are hypersensitive to the product’s ingredients.
– Do not use for animals which have diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, heart and kidney dysfunctions.
– Do not inject during the last (third) part of gestation

For intramuscular administration
– Calves, horses: 1 ml per 10 – 12 kg body weight.
– Sheep, goat: 1 ml per 10 – 12 kg per 8 – 10 kg body weight.
– Dogs, cats: 1 ml per 5 – 8 kg body weight.
– Frequency: once daily, for 3 – 5 days.

WITHDRAWAL PERIOD: – For meat: 10 days
– For milk: 5 days

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