– Povidone Iodine
– Solvent qsf
– Annihilate all types of pathogens on cattle and poultry such as hog cholera, hoof-and-mouth desease, Newcastle, Gumboro, TGE, G-, G+ bacteria, Corona and Rotavirus, fowl cholera in duck, molds and Protozoa.
– Safety to use on cattle and poultry. Use for disinfecting the stables, breeding facilities, milking tools, skin lesions, wounds, udder, and drinking water.
– Do not use for animals which are hypersensitive to the product’s ingredients.
Dilute with water.
– Disinfect animal carcass: 10ml/ liter of water.
– Disinfect the stables in disease period: 5ml/ liter of water
– Disinfect cribs: 2-3ml/ liter of water.
– Disinfect hands, surgery tools, udder: 15ml/ liter of water.
– Disinfect wound: Apply directly to the wound.
– Disinfect the uterus after giving birth: 1.5ml/ liter of water.
– Disinfect drinking water for poultry: 1ml/ 2l of water
– Periodic disinfection of breeding facilities, livestock equipment, livestock trucks, milking tools, milking places: 2-3ml/ liter of water.

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