Phospho (P2O5)
Calcium di-acid phosphate
Magnesium di-acid phosphate
Sodium di-acid phosphat
Mn di-acid phosphate
Zinc di-acid phosphate
Copper di-acid phospate
Cobalt di-acid phosphat
Solvent q.s

– Product is a well-balanced formulation of minerals and trace elements in a concentrated solution of di-acid phosphates. It is specially formulated to avoid and/or correct deficiencies in minerals and trace elements which are essential to enzymatic/metabolic processes. The di-acid phosphate solution is very stable and is easily assimilated by the body.
– Cattle: To correct calcium/phosphorus imba­lance and deficiencies of minerals/trace elements leading to sterility, osteomalacia, dermatitis, alopecia, discolouration of hair, hoof deformation.
– Poultry: All diseases affecting egg shell quality, bones, joints, mainly in battery hens. All species: To correct calcium/phos­phorus imbalance and deficiencies of minerals/trace elements.

– None.

– For oral administration via drinking water.
– Cattle: 50ml-100ml / day.
– Calves: 25-50ml / day
– Pigs: 2.5ml/ 10kg / day
– Piglet 2ml / day
– Sheep and goat: 10ml / day
– Lamb, Kids: 5ml / day
– Rabbit: 0.5-1ml / 500ml of water
– Poultry: 5ml / 500ml of water.

– None.

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