– Metamizole sodium
– Solvent q.s

– As spasmolytic in large ruminants, horses, pigs, dogs and cats: in catarrhal-spasmatic colic, meteorism and intestinal constipation; in spasms of the uterine cervix during birth; for pains of urinary and biliary origin; nevritis; acute gastric dilatation accompanied by severe colic attacks; for allaying the irritability of the animals and preparing them for stomach lavage; in esophageal obstruction; in joint and muscular rheumatism.

– Hypersensitivity to any of the active ingredients or to any of the excipients.
– Do not use for animals if milk is intended for human consumption

– Horses, pigs: 8.3 ml to 16.7 ml per 100 kg b.w. (2.5 g to 5 g metamizole per 100 kg b.w.).
– Cattle: 8.3 ml per 100 kg b.w. (2.5 g metamizole per 100 kg b.w.).
Dogs, cats: 1.7 ml per 2.5 kg to 5 kg b.w. (100 to 200 mg metamizole per 1 kg b.w.).
– The effect of the administration of Analgin is manifested 5 to 10 minutes after the administration and is retained for about 1 hour.
If pains and unease of the animal reoccur, the injection may be repeated.

– Meat:
– Cattle: 18 days
– Horses, pigs: 15 days

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